• Credits: Timur Dogan
  • Date: Aug 2013 - Ongoing
  • Link:

Archsim Energy Modeling is a plugin that, for the first time, brings fully featured EnergyPlus simulations to Rhino/Grasshopper and thus links the EnergyPlus simulation engine with a powerful parametric design and CAD modeling environment. Archsim allows you to create complex multi-zone energy models, simulate them and visualize results all within the Rhino/Grasshopper environment. Archsim supports advanced daylighting and shading controls, ventilation modules such as wind and stack natural ventilation, airflow-networks, simple HVAC, photovoltaics and phase changing materials.

It is typically used for rapid early design exploration where building shape, window to wall ratios, facade and glazing systems and passive approaches such as shading and natural ventilation potential are tested for their impact on the building environmental performance and comfort. Simulation inputs such as model geometry, materiality, constructions and zone usage profiles are fully parametric and can be coupled with optimization algorithms within Grasshopper. Archsim is still under development and new features are added frequently. Archsim exports native IDF files that are fully customizable. Documentation, example files, community support and most importantly a copy of Archsim are available under