Energy Atlas

Energy Atlas is an app that enables home buyers, owners and brokers to use geographical queries to instantly obtain and compare information on residential home energy consumption and sunlight exposure for homes of interest. This information will give buyers an accurate understanding of energy costs and comfort levels early in the search process for each home they consider.

This information will:</br> 1) Help buyers identify homes with the lowest energy use and operational costs</br> 2) Enable buyers to run queries to evaluate the cost and performance with personalized use profiles</br> 3) Obtain this information for any home in the Boston area instantly from a browser or a mobile device


Mapping US Home Energy cost

We investigate the intersections of architectural design, sustainability, building performance simulation and computational design. We stand for excellence in teaching and research in the area of building technology, daylight and energy modeling, passive climate control strategies and performance driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scales.


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