HDR Photograpy
  • Context: Part of the "Intro to SD" class
  • Date: Every fall

Students use HDR photograpy to study natural light in architectural models. The physical model helps students to understand the interplay of space and materiality with light in an intuitive way. The model further allows students to study the qualitative aspects of light, atmosphere, and architectural intention.

Students use this model to study multiple manual and digital daylight assessment techniques, such as direct measurements and HDR photography.


We investigate the intersections of architectural design, sustainability, building performance simulation and computational design. We stand for excellence in teaching and research in the area of building technology, daylight and energy modeling, passive climate control strategies and performance driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scales.


Led by: Prof. Dr. Timur Dogan
Website: Cornell AAP Profile
Email: tkdogan[at]cornell.edu


Cornell University, AAP
240B Sibley Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853,USA